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Using the AVERAGE, MAX, and MIN Functions EX 105
Release the mouse button to copy
the three functions to the range
E14:J16 (Figure 2–27).
How can I be sure that the
function arguments are proper
for the cells in range E14:J16?
Remember that Excel adjusts
the cell references in the copied
functions so each function refers
to the range of numbers above it
in the same column. Review the
numbers in rows 14 through 16
in Figure 2–27. You should see
that the functions in each column
return the appropriate values,
based on the numbers in rows 4
through 12 of that column.
MIN functions in
range D14:D16 copied
to range E14:J16
Auto Fill Options
Figure 2–27
Select cell J14 and press the
DELETE key to delete the
average of the percent
gain/loss (Figure 2–28).
Why is the formula in cell J14
The average of the percent gain/
loss in cell J14 is deleted because
an average of percentages of this
type is mathematically invalid.
Save button
Other Ways
1. Select source area and
point to border of
range, while holding
down CTRL key,
drag source area to
destination area
2. Select source area,
on Ribbon click
Copy button, select
destination area, on
Ribbon click Paste
3. Right-click source area,
click Copy on shortcut
menu, right-click
destination area, click
Paste on shortcut menu
4. Select source area,
press CTRL+C, select
destination area, press
average percents
in range J4:J12
Figure 2–28
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 105
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 105
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