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Formatting the Worksheet EX 107
Formatting the Worksheet
Although the worksheet contains the appropriate data, formulas, and functions, the text
and numbers need to be formatted to improve their appearance and readability.
In Chapter 1, cell styles were used to format much of the worksheet. This section
describes how to change the unformatted worksheet in Figure 2–30a to the formatted
worksheet in Figure 2–30b using a theme and other commands on the Ribbon. A theme
is a predefi ned set of colors, fonts, chart styles, cell styles, and fi ll effects that can be
applied to an entire workbook. Every new workbook that you create is assigned a default
theme named Offi ce. The colors and fonts that are used in the worksheet shown in
Figure 2–30b are those that are associated with the Concourse theme.
(a) Unformatted
turquoise background
Title cell style applied
to title and subtitle
thick box border
surrounds worksheet
title and subtitle
column titles centered
row height increased
negative numbers
displayed with
lightred background
Heading 3 cell style
applied to row 3
Comma style format
Total cell style
applied to row 13
data centered
in cells
row height increased
dates formatted
to mm/dd/yy style
Currency style format
Percent style format
column width changed
(b) Formatted Worksheet
Figure 2–30
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 107
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 107
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