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Formatting the Worksheet EX 113
To Center Data in Cells and Format Dates
With the column titles and total rows formatted, the next step is to center the stock symbols in column B and
format the dates in column C. If a cell entry is short, such as the stock symbols in column B, centering the entries
within their respective columns improves the appearance of the worksheet. The following steps center the data in
the range B4:B12 and format the dates in the range C4:C12.
Select the range B4:B12 and
then click the Center button
on the Ribbon to center the
data in the range B4:B12.
Format Cells
dialog box
Number tab
Select the range C4:C12.
Click the Format Cells:
Number Dialog Box
Launcher on the Ribbon
to display the Format Cells
dialog box.
Date selected in
Category list
3/14/01 style
selected in
Type list
When Excel
displays the Format Cells
dialog box, if necessary
click the Number tab, click
Date in the Category list,
and then click 3/14/01 in
the Type list to choose the
format for the range C4:C12
(Figure 2–39).
OK button
data centered
in range B4:B12
dates in range
C4:C12 selected
Figure 2–39
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 113
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 113
3/6/07 3:28:55 PM
3/6/07 3:28:55 PM
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