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Formatting the Worksheet EX 117
Format Cells
dialog box
Click the Format Cells: Number
Dialog Box Launcher.
Number tab
sample of how
number in upper-left
cell of selected range
will appear
If necessary, click the Number tab
in the Format Cells dialog box.
Click Currency in the Category
list and then click the third style
($1,234.10) in the Negative
numbers list (Figure 2–45).
number of
decimal places
Currency style
$ symbol selected
How do I select the proper format?
You can choose from 12 categories
of formats. Once you select a
category, you can select the number
of decimal places, whether or not
a dollar sign should be displayed,
and how negative numbers
should appear. Selecting the
appropriate negative numbers
format is important, because doing
so adds a space to the right of
the number in order to align the
numbers in the worksheet on
the decimal points. Some of
the available negative number
formats do not align the numbers
in the worksheet on the decimal
Negative numbers list
OK button
Figure 2–45
Click the OK button to assign
the Currency style format with a
fl oating dollar sign to the
range E14:I16 (Figure 2–46).
Should I click the Accounting
Number Style button on the
Ribbon or use the Format Cells
dialog box?
Recall that a fl oating dollar sign
always appears immediately to
the left of the fi rst digit, and the
fi xed dollar sign always appears
on the left side of the cell. Cell E4,
for example, has a fi xed dollar
sign, while cell E14 has a fl oating
dollar sign. The Currency style
was assigned to cell E14 using the
Format Cells dialog box and the result is a fl oating dollar sign.
Excel displays range
E14:I16 using Currency
style format with
fl oating dollar signs
parentheses surround
negative numbers
Figure 2–46
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL+1, click Number
tab, click Currency in
Category list, select format,
click OK button
2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 117
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 117
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