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Formatting the Worksheet EX 119
To Apply Conditional Formatting
The following steps assign conditional formatting to the range J4:J12, so that any cell value less than zero will
cause Excel to display the number in the cell with a light red background.
Select the range J4:J12.
Formatting button
Click the Conditional Formatting
button on the Ribbon to display
the Conditional Formatting
gallery (Figure 2–48).
Formatting gallery
range J4:J12 selected
New Rule command
Figure 2–48
Click New Rule in the Conditional
Formatting gallery to display the
New Formatting Rule dialog box.
New Formatting
Rule dialog box
Select a Rule Type list
Click ‘Format only cells that
contain‘ in the Select a Rule
Type area.
In the Edit the Rule
Description area, click the
box arrow in the relational
operator box (second text
box) and then select less than.
Edit the Rule
Description area
value 2
relational operator
Type 0 (zero) in the rightmost
box in the Edit the Rule
Description area (Figure 2–49).
Format button
value 1
Figure 2–49
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 119
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 119
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3/6/07 3:29:09 PM
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