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Excel Chapter 2 Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries
Release the mouse button.
Point to the boundary below row
heading 14.
Drag down until the ScreenTip
indicates Height: 26.25 (35 pixels).
Do not release the mouse button
(Figure 2–59).
row 3 height is
60.00 points
dotted line shows
proposed bottom
border of row 14
ScreenTip shows
proposed height
of row 14
current bottom
border of row 14
mouse pointer
Figure 2–59
Release the mouse button to
change the row height of row 14
to 26.25.
formatting of
worksheet complete
Select cells A3:J3 and then click
the Center button on the Ribbon
to center the column headings.
Select cell A18 (Figure 2–60).
Can I hide a row?
Yes. As with column widths, when
you decrease the row height to
0, the row is hidden. To instruct
Excel to display a hidden row,
position the mouse pointer just
below the row heading boundary
where the row is hidden and then
drag down. To set a row height to
best fi t, double-click the bottom
boundary of the row heading.
row 14 height is
26.25 points
added white space
in row 14 improves
appearance of
Figure 2–60
Other Ways
1. Right-click row heading
or drag through multiple
row headings and
rightclick, click Row Height
on shortcut menu, enter
desired row height, click
OK button
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