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Checking Spelling
EX 127
Checking Spelling
Hidden Rows
You can use the keyboard
to unhide a range of
rows by selecting the
rows immediately above
and below the hidden
rows and then pressing
PARENTHESIS ). To use the
keyboard to hide a range
of rows, press CTRL + 9 .
Excel has a spell checker you can use to check the worksheet for spelling errors. The
spell checker looks for spelling errors by comparing words on the worksheet against words
contained in its standard dictionary. If you often use specialized terms that are not in the
standard dictionary, you may want to add them to a custom dictionary using the Spelling
dialog box.
When the spell checker fi nds a word that is not in either dictionary, it displays the
word in the Spelling dialog box. You then can correct it if it is misspelled.
To Check Spelling on the Worksheet
To illustrate how Excel responds to a misspelled word, the word, Stock, in cell A3 is misspelled purposely as
the word, Stcok, as shown in Figure 2–61.
Click cell A3 and
then type Stcok to
misspell the word
Spelling button
Review tab
Spelling dialog box
Click cell A1.
Click the Review
tab on the Ribbon.
Ignore Once button
Click the Spelling
button on the
Ribbon to run
the spell checker
and display the
misspelled word,
Stcok, in the
Spelling dialog box
(Figure 2–61).
What happens
when the spell
checker fi nds a
misspelled word?
When the spell
checker identifi es
that a cell contains
a word not in its
standard or custom
dictionary, it selects
that cell as the
active cell and
displays the
Spelling dialog box. The
Spelling dialog box
(Figure 2–61) lists
the word not found in
the dictionary and a list of suggested corrections.
Ignore All and
Change All
buttons impact
words throughout
Add to Dictionary
desired word in
Suggestions list
Change button
AutoCorrect button
misspelled word
indicates language to
use in spell check
Figure 2–61
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C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 127
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