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COM 23
As shown in Figure 36, a URL consists of a protocol, a domain name, sometimes the path to
a specific Web page or location in a Web page, and the Web page name. Most Web page URLs
begin with http:// , which stands for hypertext transfer protocol , the communications standard
used to transfer pages on the Web. The domain name identifies the Web site, which is stored on
a Web server. A Web server is a computer that delivers (serves) requested Web pages.
Electronic Commerce
When you conduct business activities online, you are participating in electronic commerce,
also known as e-commerce . Some people use the term m-commerce (mobile commerce) to identify
e-commerce that uses mobile devices. These commercial activities include shopping, investing, and
any other venture that represents a business transaction. Today, three types of e-commerce exist.
Business to consumer B2C ) involves the sale of goods to the general public. Consumer to (
consumer C2C ) involves one consumer selling directly to another. Business to business B2B )
provides goods and services to other businesses.
For more information,
weblink and then click
protocol domain name path Web page name
Address box
Web page that is
displayed after Web
address is entered
FIGURE 36 After entering the Web address
in the Address box, this Web page at the US National Parks Travel Guide Web site is displayed.
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