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Importing External Data from a Web Source Using a Web Query EX 137
To Change the Print Scaling Option Back to 100%
Depending on your printer, you may have to change the Print Scaling option back
to 100% after using the Fit to option. The following steps reset the Print Scaling option
so future worksheets print at 100%, instead of being resized to print on one page.
1 If necessary, click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon and then click the Page Setup Dialog
Box Launcher to display the Page Setup dialog box.
2 Click Adjust to in the Scaling area.
3 If necessary, type 100 in the Adjust to box.
4 Click the OK button to set the print scaling to normal.
5 Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
What is the purpose of the Adjust to box in the Page Setup dialog box?
The Adjust to box allows you to specify the percentage of reduction or enlargement in the
printout of a worksheet. The default percentage is 100%. When you click the Fit to option, this
percentage automatically changes to the percentage required to fi t the printout on one page.
Importing External Data from a Web Source Using
a Web Query
Web Queries
Most Excel specialists that
build Web queries use
the worksheet returned
from the Web query as
an engine to supply data
to another worksheet
in the workbook. With
3-D cell references, you
can create a worksheet
similar to the Silver
Dollars Stock Club
worksheet to feed the
Web query stock symbols
and get refreshed stock
prices in return.
One of the major features of Excel is its capability of importing external data from Web
sites. To import external data from a Web site, you must have access to the Internet. You
then can import data stored on a Web site using a Web query . When you run a Web
query, Excel imports the external data in the form of a worksheet. As described in Table 2–6,
three Web queries are available when you fi rst install Excel. All three Web queries relate
to investment and stock market activities.
Table 2–6 Excel Web Queries
External Data Returned
MSN MoneyCentral Investor Currency Rates
Currency rates
MSN MoneyCentral Investor Major Indices
Major indices
MSN MoneyCentral Investor Stock Quotes
Up to 20 stocks of your choice
Gather information regarding the needed Web query.
As shown in Table 2–6, the MSN Money Central Investor Stock Quotes feature that is included
with Excel allows you to retrieve information on up to 20 stocks of your choice. The Web
query requires that you supply the stock symbols. The stock symbols are located in column B
of the Portfolio Summary worksheet.
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