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EX 138
Excel Chapter 2 Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries
To Import Data from a Web Source Using a Web Query
Although you can have a Web query return data to a blank workbook, the following steps have the data for
the nine stock symbols in column B of the Portfolio Summary worksheet returned to a blank worksheet in the Silver
Dollars Stock Club Portfolio Summary workbook. The data returned by the stock-related Web queries is real time
in the sense that it is no more than 20 minutes old during the business day.
With the Silver
Dollars Stock Club
Portfolio Summary
workbook open,
click the Sheet2 tab
at the bottom of
the window.
Existing Connections
Data tab
Existing Connections
dialog box
With cell A1 active,
click the Data tab
on the Ribbon,
and then click the
Existing Connections
button to display
the Existing
Connections dialog
box (Figure 2–76).
A1 is active cell
MSN MoneyCentral
Investor Stock
Quotes connection
Sheet2 tab
Figure 2–76
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 138
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 138
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3/6/07 3:29:55 PM
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