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Importing External Data from a Web Source Using a Web Query EX 139
Double-click MSN MoneyCentral
Investor Stock Quotes to display
the Import Data dialog box
(Figure 2-77).
instructs Excel to
place external data on
current worksheet
Import Data
dialog box
instructs Excel to
place upper-left
corner of external
data in cell A1
OK button
Figure 2–77
Click the OK button.
When Excel displays the Enter
Parameter Value dialog box, type
the nine stock symbols aapl t c
cmcsa goog hd ibm mrk s in
the text box.
Enter Parameter
Value dialog box
Click the ‘Use this value/reference
for future refreshes’ check box to
select it (Figure 2–78).
stock symbols
separated by a space
What is the purpose of clicking
the check box?
Once Excel displays the worksheet,
you can refresh the data as often
as you want. To refresh the data
for all the stocks, click the Refresh
All button on the Data tab on
the Ribbon. Because the ‘Use
this value/reference for future
refreshes’ check box was selected,
Excel will continue to use the same
stock symbols each time it refreshes.
keeps symbols
entered above for
future references
OK button
Figure 2–78
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 139
C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 139
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