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Excel Chapter 2 Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries
Click the OK button
to retrieve the stock
quotes and display a
new worksheet with
the desired data
(Figure 2–79).
Refresh All button
Excel displays external
data containing
stock information in
What composes the
new worksheet?
As shown in
Figure 2–79, Excel
displays the data
returned from the
Web query in an
worksheet, which
has a worksheet
title, column titles,
and a row of data
for each stock
symbol entered.
Other than the
fi rst column, which
contains the stock
name and stock
symbol, you have
no control over the
remaining columns
of data returned.
The latest price of
each stock appears
in column D.
latest stock price
links to MSN
Web site
Figure 2–79
Other Ways
1. Press ALT + A , X , select
data source
Changing the Worksheet Names
The sheet tabs at the bottom of the window allow you to view any worksheet in the
workbook. You click the sheet tab of the worksheet you want to view in the Excel window.
By default, Excel presets the names of the worksheets to Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on. The
worksheet names become increasingly important as you move towards more sophisticated
workbooks, especially workbooks in which you reference cells between worksheets.
Choose names for the worksheets.
Use simple, meaningful names for each worksheet. Name the fi rst worksheet that includes
the portfolio summary Portfolio Summary. The second worksheet that includes the stock
quotes should be named Real-Time Stock Quotes to refl ect its contents.
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