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Chapter Summary
EX 143
e-mail Message
Click E-mail on the
Send submenu.
When the
e-mail Message
window appears,
type castillo_
com in the
To text box.
Send button
To text box
e-mail address
of person
receiving e-mail
Type the message
shown in the
message area in
Figure 2–83.
workbook attached
to e-mail
e-mail message
in message area
Click the Send
button to send
the e-mail with
the attached
workbook to
How can the
recipient use the
attached workbook?
Because the
workbook was sent
as an attachment,
Juan Castillo can
double-click the
attachment in the e-mail to open it in Excel, or he can save it on disk and then open it later.
Figure 2–83
To Save the Workbook and Quit Excel
With the workbook complete and e-mailed, the following steps save the workbook
and quit Excel.
1 Click the Save button on the Quick Access toolbar.
Quick Reference
For a table that lists how
to complete the tasks
covered in this topic
using the mouse, Ribbon,
shortcut menu, and
keyboard, see the Quick
Reference Summary at
the back of this topic, or
visit the Excel 2007 Quick
Reference Web page
2 Click the Close button on the upper-right corner of the title bar.
Chapter Summary
In creating the Silver Dollars Stock Club Portfolio Summary workbook, you learned how to enter formulas, calculate
an average, fi nd the highest and lowest numbers in a range, verify formulas using Range Finder, draw borders, align
text, format numbers, change column widths and row heights, and add conditional formatting to a range of
numbers. In addition, you learned to spell check a worksheet, preview a worksheet, print a section of a worksheet, display
and print the formulas version of the worksheet using the Fit to option, complete a Web query, rename sheet tabs,
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