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EX 144
Excel Chapter 2 Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries
and send an e-mail directly from within Excel with the opened workbook as an attachment. The items listed below
include all the new Excel skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Enter a Formula Using the Keyboard (EX 91)
2. Enter Formulas Using Point Mode (EX 93)
3. Copy Formulas Using the Fill Handle (EX 95)
4. Determine the Average of a Range of Numbers
Using the Keyboard and Mouse (EX 99)
5. Determine the Highest Number in a Range of
Numbers Using the Insert Function Box (EX 101)
6. Determine the Lowest Number in a Range of
Numbers Using the Sum Menu (EX 102)
7. Copy a Range of Cells across Columns to an
Adjacent Range Using the Fill Handle (EX 104)
8. Verify a Formula Using Range Finder (EX 106)
9. Change the Workbook Theme (EX 109)
10. Change the Background Color and Apply a Box
Border to the Worksheet Title and Subtitle
(EX 110)
11. Center Data in Cells and Format Dates (EX 113)
12. Apply an Accounting Number Format and Comma
Style Format Using the Ribbon (EX 115)
13. Apply a Currency Style Format with a Floating
Dollar Sign Using the Format Cells Dialog Box
(EX 116)
14. Apply a Percent Style Format and Use the Increase
Decimal Button (EX 118)
15. Apply Conditional Formatting (EX 119)
16. Change the Widths of Columns (EX 122)
17. Change the Heights of Rows (EX 125)
18. Check Spelling on the Worksheet (EX 127)
19. Change the Worksheet’s Margins, Header, and
Orientation in Page Layout View (EX 130)
20. Preview and Print a Worksheet (EX 132)
21. Print a Section of the Worksheet (EX 134)
22. Display the Formulas in the Worksheet and Fit the
Printout on One Page (EX 136)
23. Import Data from a Web Source Using a Web
Query (EX 138)
24. Change the Worksheet Names (EX 141)
25. E-Mail a Workbook from within Excel (EX 142)
If you have a SAM user profi le, you may have access to hands-on instruction, practice, and
assessment. Log in to your SAM account ( to launch any assigned
training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this chapter.
Learn It Online
Learn It Online is a series of online student exercises that test your knowledge of chapter
content and key terms.
Instructions: To complete the Learn It Online exercises, start your browser, click the Address bar, and
then enter the Web address . When the Excel 2007 Learn It Online
page is displayed, click the link for the exercise you want to complete and then read the instructions.
Chapter Reinforcement TF, MC, and SA
A series of true/false, multiple choice, and short
answer questions that test your knowledge of the
chapter content.
Who Wants To Be a Computer Genius?
An interactive game that challenges your
knowledge of chapter content in the style of a
television quiz show.
Flash Cards
An interactive learning environment where
you identify chapter key terms associated with
displayed defi nitions.
Wheel of Terms
An interactive game that challenges your
knowledge of chapter key terms in the style of the
television show Wheel of Fortune .
Practice Test
A series of multiple choice questions that test
your knowledge of chapter content and key terms.
Crossword Puzzle Challenge
A crossword puzzle that challenges your
knowledge of key terms presented in the chapter.
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