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Apply Your Knowledge EX 145
Apply Your knowledge
Reinforce the skills and apply the concepts you learned in this chapter.
Profi t Analysis Worksheet
Instructions Part 1: Start Excel. Open the workbook Apply 2-1 Car-B-Clean Profi t Analysis. See
the inside back cover of this topic for instructions for downloading the Data Files for Students or see
your instructor for information on accessing the fi les required in this topic. The purpose of this exercise
is to open a partially completed workbook, enter formulas and functions, copy the formulas and
functions, and then format the worksheet titles and numbers. As shown in Figure 2–84, the completed
worksheet analyzes profi ts by product.
Figure 2–84
Perform the following tasks.
1. Use the following formulas in cells E4, F4, and G4:
Total Sales (cell E4) = Units Sold * (Unit Cost + Unit Profi t) or =D4 * (B4 + C4)
Total Profi t (cell F4) = Units Sold * Unit Profi t or = D4 * C4
% Total Profi t (cell G4) = Total Profi t / Total Sales or = F4 / E4
Use the fi ll handle to copy the three formulas in the range E4:G4 to the range E5:G12.
2. Determine totals for the units sold, total sales, and total profi t in row 13. Copy cell G12 to G13 to
assign the formula in cell G12 to G13 in the total line.
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