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EX 148
Excel Chapter 2 Formulas, Functions, Formatting, and Web Queries
Make It Right
Analyze a workbook and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Correcting Functions and Formulas in a Worksheet
Instructions: Start Excel. Open the workbook Make It Right 2-1 El Centro Diner Payroll Report.
See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions for downloading the Data Files for Students, or
see your instructor for information on accessing the fi les required for this topic. Correct the following
formatting, function, and formula problems (Figure 2–87) in the worksheet.
Figure 2–87
1. Adjust the width of column B to 11.25 pixels so that the word in the column header does not wrap.
2. Spell check the worksheet and correct any spelling mistakes that are found, but ignore any spelling
mistakes found with the worksheet title and the employee names.
3. The averages in several columns do not include the employee in row 13. Adjust the functions in
these cells so that all employees are included in the calculation.
4. The net pay calculation should be:
Net Pay = Gross Pay – (Federal Taxes + State Taxes)
Adjust the formulas in the range H4:H13 so that the correct formula is used.
5. The value for the highest value in column C was entered as a number rather than as a function.
Replace the value with the appropriate function.
6. The currency values in row 4 should be formatted with the Accounting Number Format button on
the Home tab on the Ribbon. They are currently formatted with the Currency format.
7. Delete the function in the cell containing the average of % Taxes because it is mathematically
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