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7. Determine the maximum, minimum, and average values in cells B12:B14 for the range B4:B10 and
then copy the range B12:B14 to C12:G14.
8. Use the Format Cells command on the shortcut menu to format the numbers as follows: (a) assign the
Currency style with a fl oating dollar sign to the cells containing numeric data in the ranges B4:G4 and
B11:G14; and (b) assign the Comma style (currency with no dollar sign) to the range B5:G10.
9. Use conditional formatting to change the formatting to white bold font on a red background in any
cell in the range C4:C10 that contains a value greater than 50.
10. Change the worksheet name from Sheet1 to Balance Due. Change the document properties, as
specifi ed by your instructor. Change the worksheet header with your name, course number, and
other information requested by your instructor.
11. Spell check the worksheet. Preview and then print the worksheet in landscape orientation. Save the
workbook using the fi le name, Lab 2-2 Part 1 Jackson’s Bright Ideas Monthly Balance Due Report.
12. Print the range A3:D14. Print the formulas version on one page. Close the workbook without
saving the changes. Submit the assignment as specifi ed by your instructor.
Instructions Part 2: This part requires that a 3-D Bar chart with a cylindrical shape be inserted on a
new worksheet in the workbook. If necessary, use Excel Help to obtain information on inserting a chart
on a separate sheet in the workbook.
1. With the Lab 2-2 Part 1 Jackson’s Bright Ideas Monthly Balance Due Report workbook open, draw
the 3-D Bar chart with cylindrical shape showing each customer’s total new balance as shown in
Figure 2–90.
Figure 2–90
2. Use the CTRL key and mouse to select the nonadjacent chart ranges A4:A10 and G4:G10. That is,
select the range A4:A10 and then while holding down the CTRL key, select the range G4:G10. The
customer names in the range A4:A10 will identify the cylindrical bars, while the data series in the
range G4:G10 will determine the length of the bars.
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