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•• 5: Design and Create a Stock Analysis Worksheet
Working Together
Have each member of your team select six stocks — two bank stocks, two communications stocks, and
two Internet stocks. Each member should submit the stock names, stock symbols, and an approximate
six-month-old price. Create a worksheet that lists the stock names, symbols, price, and number of
shares for each stock (use 350 shares as the number of shares for all stocks). Format the worksheet so
that it has a professional appearance and is as informative as possible.
Have the group do research on the use of 3-D references, which is a reference to a range that
spans two or more worksheets in a workbook (use Microsoft Excel Help). Use what the group learns to
create a Web query on the Sheet2 worksheet by referencing the stock symbols on the Sheet1
worksheet. On the Sheet1 worksheet, change the cells that list current price per share numbers on the
Sheet1 worksheet so that they use 3-D cell references that refer to the worksheet created by the Web
query on the Sheet2 worksheet. Present your workbook and fi ndings to the class.
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C6161_EXC_02.4c.indd 159
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