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EX 166
Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
In addition, using a sketch of the worksheet can help you visualize its design. The sketch
of the worksheet (Figure 3-3a) consists of titles, column and row headings, location of data
values, calculations, and a rough idea of the desired formatting. The sketch of the 3-D Pie
chart (Figure 3–3b) shows the expected contribution of each month’s operating income to the
semiannual operating income. The projected monthly sales will be entered in row 4 of
the worksheet. The assumptions will be entered below the operating income (Figure 3–3a).
The projected monthly sales and the assumptions will be used to calculate the remaining
numbers in the worksheet.
When necessary, more specifi c details concerning the above guidelines are presented at
appropriate points in the chapter. The chapter also will identify the actions you perform
and decisions made regarding these guidelines during the creation of the worksheet shown
in Figure 3–1 on page EX 163.
(a) Worksheet
(b) 3-D Pie Chart
Figure 3–3
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