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Rotating Text and Using the Fill Handle to Create a Series EX 169
To Rotate Text and Use the Fill Handle to Create a Series of Month Names
Chapters 1 and 2 used the fi ll handle to copy a cell or a range of cells to adjacent cells. The fi ll handle also can
be used to create a series of numbers, dates, or month names automatically. The following steps enter the month
name, January, in cell B3; format cell B3 (including rotating the text); and then use the fi ll handle to enter the
remaining month names in the range C3:G3.
Select cell B3.
Format Cells
dialog box
Home tab active
Alignment tab
Type January as the cell entry
and then click the Enter box.
Orientation area
Click the Format Cells: Alignment
Dialog Box Launcher on the
Ribbon to display the Format
Cells dialog box (Figure 3-4).
cell B3 selected
Figure 3–4
Click the 45° point in
the Orientation area to
move the Text hand in the
Orientation area to the 45°
point and to display 45 in the
Degrees box (Figure 3–5).
45° point
Text hand
Degrees box
OK button
Figure 3–5
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