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EX 170
Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
Click the OK button to rotate the
text in cell B3 at a 45° angle and
automatically increase the height
of row 3 to best fi t the rotated
text (Figure 3–6).
Point to the fi ll handle on the
lower-right corner of cell B3.
height of row 3
automatically changed
to best fi t to display
rotated text
font in cell B3
rotated 45°
crosshair mouse
pointer pointing
to fi ll handle
Figure 3–6
Drag the fi ll handle to the
right to select the range
C3:G3. Do not release the
mouse button (Figure 3–7).
fi ll handle
dragged to
cell G3
ScreenTip indicates
proposed value of
rightmost cell
Figure 3–7
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