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Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
Right-click row heading 21, the
row below where you want to
insert a row, to display the
shortcut menu and the Mini
toolbar (Figure 3–14).
shortcut menu
heading 21
Mini toolbar
Figure 3–14
Click Insert on the shortcut menu to
insert a new row in the worksheet
by shifting the selected row 21 and
all rows below it down one row.
Click cell A21 in the new row and
then enter Margin as the row title
(Figure 3-15).
What is the resulting format of
the new row?
The cells in the new row inherit
the formats of the cells in the
row above them. You can change
this by clicking the Insert Options
button that appears immediately
above the inserted row. Following
the insertion of a row, the Insert
Options button lets you select
from the following options:
(1) Format Same As Above;
(2) Format Same As Below; and
(3) Clear Formatting. The Format
Same as Above option is the
default. The Insert Options button
remains active until you begin the
next Excel operation.
row title Margin
entered in new row
new row
original row 21
shifted down
one row
Figure 3–15
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