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Copying a Cell’s Format Using the Format Painter Button EX 203
To Format the What-If Assumptions Table and Save the Workbook
The last step to improving the appearance of the worksheet is to format the What-If
Assumptions table in the range A18:B25. The specifi cations in Figure 3–35 on page EX 196
require a 14-point italic underlined font for the title in cell A18 and 8-point font in the range
A19:B25. The following steps format the What-If Assumptions table.
Painting a Format to
Nonadjacent Ranges
Double-click the Format
Painter button on the
Home tab on the Ribbon
and then drag through
the nonadjacent ranges
to paint the formats to
the ranges. Click the
Format Painter button to
deactivate it.
1 Scroll down to view rows 18 through 25 and then click cell A18.
2 Click the Font Size box arrow on the Ribbon and then click 14 in the Font Size list. Click the
Italic button and then click the Underline button on the Ribbon.
3 Select the range A19:B25, click the Font Size button on the Ribbon, and then click 8 in the
Font Size list.
4 Click cell D25 to deselect the range A19:B25 and display the What-If Assumptions table as
shown in Figure 3–47.
5 Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
What happens when I click the Italic and Underline buttons?
Recall that when you assign the italic font style to a cell, Excel slants the characters slightly
to the right as shown in cell A18 in Figure 3–47. The underline format underlines only the
characters in the cell, rather than the entire cell, as is the case when you assign a cell a
bottom border.
Italic button
14-point italic
underlined font
8-point font
Figure 3–47
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