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EX 206
Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
Click the New sheet option button
and then type 3-D Pie Chart in
the New sheet name textbox.
Click the OK button to move the
chart to a new chart sheet with the
name 3-D Pie Chart (Figure 3–51).
new sheet
created with
new name
Figure 3–51
Other Ways
1. Select range to chart,
press F 11
To Insert a Chart Title and Data Labels
The next step is to insert a chart title and labels that identify the slices. Before you can format a chart item,
such as the chart title or data labels, you must select it. You can format a selected chart item using the Ribbon or
shortcut menu. The following steps insert a chart title, remove the legend, and add data labels.
Click anywhere in the chart area
outside the chart.
Layout tab
Click the Layout tab on the Ribbon
and then click the Chart Title button.
Click the Centered Overlay Title
command in the Chart Title gallery.
chart title
Select the text in the chart
title and then type Semiannual
Financial Projection as the
new chart title (Figure 3–52).
Figure 3–52
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