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Adding a 3-D Pie Chart to the Workbook EX 209
Click the Close
button to close the
Format Data Labels
dialog box and
display the chart
as shown in
Figure 3–57.
chart selected
data labels
include category
name and
Figure 3–57
To Rotate the 3-D Pie Chart
With a three-dimensional chart, you can change the view to better show the section of the chart you are trying
to emphasize. Excel allows you to control the rotation angle, elevation, perspective, height, and angle of the axes by
using the Format Chart Area dialog box.
When Excel initially draws a Pie chart, it always positions the chart so that one of the dividing lines between
two slices is a straight line pointing to 12 o’clock (or 0°). As shown in Figure 3–57, the line that divides the January
and June slices currently is set to 0°. This line defi nes the rotation angle of the 3-D Pie chart.
To obtain a better view of the offset June slice, the 3-D Pie chart can be rotated 250° to the right. The following
steps show how to rotate the 3-D Pie chart.
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