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EX 212
Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
Click the Circle bevel
button (column 1,
row 1) in the Bevel
gallery to add a
bevel to the chart.
bevel width and
height set to 50 pt
Type 50 pt in the
top Width box in the
Bevel area of the
dialog box and then
type 50 pt in the
uppermost Height
box in the Bevel area
of the dialog box to
increase the width
and height of the
bevel on the chart
(Figure 3–62).
Bevel added
to chart
Close button
Figure 3–62
Click the Material
button in the
Surface area of the
Format Data Series
dialog box and
then point to the
Soft Edge button
(column 2, row 2) in
the Material gallery
(Figure 3–63).
Surface area
Material button
Soft Edge
gallery selection
Material gallery
Figure 3–63
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