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Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
Changing the View of the Worksheet
You can use the Zoom In
and Zoom Out buttons
on the status bar to zoom
from 10% to 400% to
reduce or enlarge the
display of the worksheet.
With Excel, you easily can change the view of the worksheet. For example, you can
magnify or shrink the worksheet on the screen. You also can view different parts of the
worksheet through window panes.
To Shrink and Magnify the View of a Worksheet or Chart
You can magnify (zoom in) or shrink (zoom out) the appearance of a worksheet or chart by using the Zoom
button on the View tab on the Ribbon. When you magnify a worksheet, Excel enlarges the view of the characters on
the screen, but displays fewer columns and rows. Alternatively, when you shrink a worksheet, Excel is able to display
more columns and rows. Magnifying or shrinking a worksheet affects only the view; it does not change the window
size or printout of the worksheet or chart. The following steps shrink and magnify the view of the worksheet.
If cell A1 is not active, press
View tab
Click the View tab on the Ribbon
and then click the Zoom button
on the Ribbon to display a list
of Magnifi cations in the Zoom
dialog box (Figure 3–73).
Zoom button
dialog box
Fit selection
option zooms
window to
selected range
75% button
OK button
Figure 3–73
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