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What-If Analysis
EX 225
To Goal Seek
If you know the result you want a formula to produce, you can use goal seeking to determine the value of
a cell on which the formula depends. The following steps close and reopen the Campus Clothiers Semiannual
Financial Projection workbook. They then show how to use the Goal Seek command on the Data tab on the Ribbon
to determine the Support, General, and Administrative percentage in cell B25 that will yield a semi annual
operating income of $10,500,000 in cell H16, rather than the original $9,459,176.31.
Close the workbook
without saving
changes and then
reopen it.
Data tab
Drag the vertical
split box so that the
vertical split bar is
positioned as shown
in Figure 3–79.
Goal Seek
Show column H in
the right pane.
Click cell H16, the
cell that contains
the semiannual
operating income.
Click the Data tab on
the Ribbon and then
click the What-If
Analysis button on
the Ribbon to display
the What-If Analysis
menu (Figure 3–79).
vertical split bar
cell on which
to seek goal
vertical split bar
dragged to this
Figure 3–79
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