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What-If Analysis
EX 227
Click the OK
button to goal
seek for the value
in cell H16
(Figure 3–81).
Goal Seek Status
dialog box
What happens when
I click the OK button?
Excel immediately
changes cell H16
from $9,459,176.31
to the desired value
of $10,500,000.00.
More importantly,
Excel changes the
Support, General,
and Administrative
assumption in
cell B25 from
17.00% to 14.26%
(Figure 3–81). Excel
also displays the
Goal Seek Status
dialog box. If you
click the OK button,
Excel keeps the
new values in the
worksheet. If you
click the Cancel
button, Excel
redisplays the
original values.
OK button
Cancel button
semiannual projected
operating income changes
from $9,459,176.31 to
Support, General,
and Administrative
expenses changes from
17.00% to 14.26%
Figure 3–81
Click the Cancel button in the Goal Seek Status dialog box.
Other Ways
1. Press ALT+T , G
Goal Seeking
Goal seeking assumes you can change the value of only one cell referenced
directly or indirectly to reach a specific goal for a value in another cell. In this
example, to change the semiannual operating income in cell H16 to $10,500,000.00,
the Support, General, and Administrative percentage in cell B25 must decrease by
2.74% from 17.00% to 14.26%.
You can see from this goal seeking example that the cell to change (cell B25) does
not have to be referenced directly in the formula or function. For example, the semiannual
operating income in cell H16 is calculated by the function =SUM(B16:G16). Cell B25 is
not referenced in this function. Instead, cell B25 is referenced in the formulas in rows 9
through 13, on which the monthly operating incomes in row 16 are based. Excel thus is
capable of goal seeking on the semiannual operating income by varying the value for the
Support, General, and Administrative assumption.
Undoing What You Did
The Undo button is
ideal for returning the
worksheet to its original
state after you have
changed the values in a
worksheet to answer a
what-if question. To view
the original worksheet
after answering a what-if
question, click the Undo
button on the Quick
Access Toolbar for each
value you changed.
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