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EX 228
Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
To Quit Excel
To quit Excel, complete the following steps.
1 Click the Close button on the title bar.
2 If the Microsoft Excel dialog box is displayed, click the No button.
Chapter Summary
In this chapter you learned how to work with large worksheets that extend beyond the window, how to use the fi ll
handle to create a series, new formatting techniques, about the difference between absolute cell references and
relative cell references, how to use the IF function, how to rotate text in a cell, freeze titles, change the magnifi cation
of the worksheet, show different parts of the worksheet at the same time through multiple panes, create a 3-D Pie
chart, and improve the appearance of a 3-D Pie chart. This chapter also introduced you to using Excel to do what-if
analysis by changing values in cells and goal seeking. The items listed below include all the new Excel skills you have
learned in this chapter.
1. Rotate Text and Use the Fill Handle to Create a
Series of Month Names (EX 169)
2. Increase Column Widths and Enter Row Titles
(EX 173)
3. Copy a Range of Cells to a Nonadjacent Destination
Area (EX 175)
4. Insert a Row (EX 177)
5. Enter Numbers with Format Symbols (EX 181)
6. Freeze Column and Row Titles (EX 182)
7. Enter and Format the System Date (EX 184)
8. Enter a Formula Containing Absolute Cell
References (EX 187)
9. Enter an IF Function (EX 190)
10. Copy Formulas with Absolute Cell References
Using the Fill Handle (EX 192)
11. Assign Formats to Nonadjacent Ranges (EX 196)
12. Format the Worksheet Titles (EX 199)
13. Copy a Cell’s Format Using the Format Painter
Button (EX 201)
14. Draw a 3-D Pie Chart on a Separate Chart Sheet
(EX 205)
15. Insert a Chart Title and Data Labels (EX 206)
16. Rotate the 3-D Pie Chart (EX 209)
17. Apply a 3-D Format to the Pie Chart (EX 211)
18. Explode the 3-D Pie Chart and Change the Color
of a Slice (EX 213)
19. Rename and Reorder the Sheets and Color Their
Tabs (EX 216)
20. Shrink and Magnify the View of a Worksheet or
Chart (EX 220)
21. Split a Window into Panes (EX 222)
22. Analyze Data in a Worksheet by Changing Values
(EX 224)
23. Goal Seek (EX 225)
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assessment. Log in to your SAM account ( to launch any assigned
training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this chapter.
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