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EX 232
Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
Make It Right
Analyze a workbook and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Inserting Rows, Moving a Range, and Correcting Formulas in a Worksheet
Instructions: Start Excel. Open the workbook Make It Right 3-1 Annual Projected
Net Income. See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions for downloading the Data Files for
Students, or see your instructor for information on accessing the fi les required for this topic. Correct
the following design and formula problems (Figure 3–84a) in the worksheet.
(a) Before
(b) After
Figure 3–84
1. The Royalty in cell C3 is computed using the formula =B9*B3 (Royalties %
Sales). Similar
formulas are used in cells C4 and C5. The formula in cell C3 was entered and copied to cells C4
and C5. Although the result in cell C3 is correct, the results in cells C4 and C5 are incorrect.
Edit the formula in cell C3 by changing cell B9 to an absolute cell reference. Copy the corrected
formula in cell C3 to cells C4 and C5. After completing the copy, click the Auto Fill Options
button arrow that displays below and to the right of cell C5 and choose Fill Without Formatting.
2. The Royalty Bonus amounts in cells D3, D4, and D5 are computed using the IF function. The
Royalty Bonus should equal the amount in cell B10 ($50,000) if the corresponding Sales in
column B is greater than or equal to $2,750,000. If the corresponding Sales in column B is less
than $2,750,000, then the Royalty Bonus is zero ($0). The IF function in cell D3 was entered and
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