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EX 234
Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
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Figure 3–85
Instructions Part 1:
1. Start Excel. Apply the Apex theme to the worksheet by using the Themes button on the Page
Layout tab on the Ribbon. Bold the entire worksheet by selecting the entire worksheet and using
the Bold button on the Home tab on the Ribbon.
2. Enter the worksheet title Salioto Auto Parts in cell A8 and the subtitle Eight-Year Financial
Projection in cell A9. Format the worksheet title in cell A8 to 36-point Algerian (or a similar font).
Format the worksheet subtitle in cell A9 to 20-point Rockwell (or a similar font). Enter the system
date in cell F9 using the NOW function. Format the date to the 14-Mar-01 style.
3. Change the following column widths: A = 25.00 characters; B through I = 15.00 characters.
Change the heights of rows 7, 10, and 21 to 42.00 points.
4. Enter the eight column titles Year 1 through Year 8 in the range B10:I10 by entering Year 1 in
cell B10 and then dragging cell B10’s fi ll handle through the range C10:I10. Format cell B10 as
follows: (a) increase the font size to 14; (b) center and italicize; and (c) rotate its contents 45°. Use
the Format Painter button to copy the format assigned to cell B10 to the range C10:I10.
5. Enter the row titles in the range A11:A24. Change the font in cells A14, A20, A22, and A24 to 14-point
Rockwell (or a similar font). Add thick bottom borders to the ranges B10:I10 and B12:I12.
6. Enter the table title Assumptions in cell A1. Enter the assumptions in Table 3-9 in the range A2:B6.
Use format symbols when entering the numbers. Change the font size of the table title to 14-point
Rockwell and underline it.
7. Select the range B11:I24 and then click the Format Cells: Number Dialog Box Launcher on the
Home tab on the Ribbon to display the Format Cells dialog box. Use the Number category in the
Format Cells dialog box to assign the Comma style with no decimal places and negative numbers
enclosed in parentheses to the range B11:I24.
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