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EX 237
Instructions Part 3:
1. Start Excel. Open the workbook Lab 3-1 Salioto Auto Parts Eight-Year Financial Projection.
Divide the window into two panes by dragging the horizontal split box between rows 6 and 7.
Use the scroll bars to show both the top and bottom of the worksheet. Using the numbers in
columns 2 and 3 of Table 3-10, analyze the effect of changing the annual sales growth (cell B4)
and annual price decrease (cell B5) on the net incomes in row 24. The resulting answers are in
column 4 of Table 3–10. Submit the workbook or results of the what-if analysis for each case as
requested by your instructor.
Table 3–10 Salioto Auto Parts Data to Analyze and Results
Annual Sales Growth
Annual Price Decrease
Year 8 Resulting Net Income
in Cell I24
2. Close the workbook without saving it, and then reopen it. Use the What-If Analysis button on the
Data tab on the Ribbon to goal seek. Determine a margin (cell B6) that would result in a Year 8 net
income of $2,000,000 (cell I24). You should end up with a margin of 40.68% in cell B6. Submit the
workbook with the new values or the results of the goal seek as requested by your instructor. Do
not save the workbook with the latest changes.
In the Lab
Lab 2: Modifying a Weekly Payroll Worksheet
Problem: As a summer intern at Britney’s Music Emporium, you have been asked to modify the weekly
payroll report shown in Figure 3–87a. The workbook, Lab 3-2 Britney’s Music Emporium Weekly
Payroll Report, is included with the Data Files for Students. See the inside back cover of this topic for
instructions for downloading the Data Files for Students, or see your instructor for information on
accessing the fi les required for this topic.
The major modifi cations to the payroll report to be made in this exercise include: (1) reformatting
the worksheet; (2) adding computations of time-and-a-half for hours worked greater than 40;
(3) adding calculations to charge no federal tax in certain situations; (4) adding Social Security and
Medicare deductions; (5) adding and deleting employees; and (6) changing employee information. The
fi nal payroll report is shown in Figure 3–87b.
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