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Purchase a well-padded and well-designed
carrying case.
An amply padded carrying case will protect your notebook
computer from the bumps it will receive while traveling. A
well-designed carrying case will have room for accessories
such as spare CDs and DVDs, a user manual,
pens, and paperwork (Figure 49).
For improved security, consider a fingerprint
More than half a million notebook computers are stolen or
lost each year. If you have critical information stored on
your notebook computer, then consider purchasing one
with a fingerprint scanner (Figure 51) to protect the data if
your computer is stolen or lost. Fingerprint security offers a
level of protection that extends well beyond the standard
password protection. If your notebook computer is stolen,
the odds of recovering it improve dramatically with
antitheft tracking software. Manufacturers claim recovery rates
of 90 percent or more for notebook computers using their
welldesigned notebook
computer carrying case.
If you travel overseas, obtain a set of electrical
and telephone adapters.
Different countries use different outlets for electrical and
telephone connections. Several manufacturers sell sets of
adapters that will work in most countries.
If you plan to connect your notebook
computer to a video projector, make sure the
notebook computer is compatible with the video
You should check, for example, to be sure that your
notebook computer will allow you to display an image on the
computer screen and projection device at the same time
(Figure 50). Also, ensure that your notebook computer has
the ports required to connect to the video projector. You
also may consider purchasing a notebook computer with a
built-in video camera for videoconferencing purposes.
FIGURE 51 Fingerprint scanner technology offers greater
security than passwords.
FIGURE 50 A notebook computer connected to
a video projector projects the image displayed on
the screen.
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