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EX 238
Excel Chapter 3 What-If Analysis, Charting, and Working with Large Worksheets
(a) Before
(b) After
Figure 3–87
Instructions Part 1:
1. Start Excel. Open the workbook, Lab 3-2 Britney’s Music Emporium Weekly Payroll Report.
2. Select the worksheet by clicking the Select All button. Click the Clear button on the Home tab
on the Ribbon and then click Clear Formats on the Clear menu to clear the formatting. Bold the
entire worksheet.
3. Delete rows 11 through 13 to remove the statistics below the Totals row. Change all the row
heights back to the default height (12.75).
4. Insert four rows above row 1 by selecting rows 1 through 4, right-clicking the selection, and
clicking Insert on the shortcut menu.
5. Change the row heights as follows: row 5 = 48.00; rows 6 and 7 = 25.50. One at a time, select cells
D7, E7, and G7. For each cell, press the F2 key and then the ENTER key to display the column
headings on multiple rows. Center the range B7:J7.
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