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Project–Document with a Picture
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Project — Workbook with Chart Saved as
a Web Page
Figure 1a shows the workbook for Stonegate Plumbing’s 1 st quarter sales by month. The
chief fi nancial offi cer for the company requests that the information in the worksheet,
including the chart, be made available on the company’s intranet for others in the company
to view. In order to accomplish this task, you must save the workbook as a Web page.
You can save a workbook, or a portion of a workbook, as a Web page. The saved
Web page is a snapshot of the workbook. It is similar to a printed report in that you can
view it, but you cannot modify it. In the browser window, the workbook appears as it
would in Microsoft Excel, including sheet tabs that you can click to switch between
worksheets. As illustrated in Figure 1, this Web feature shows you how to save a workbook
(Figure 1a) as a Web page (Figure 1b) and view it using your browser.
When you use the Save As command on the Offi ce Button menu and choose to save
a workbook as a Web page, Excel allows you to publish workbooks , which is the process
of making a workbook available to others; for example, on the World Wide Web or on a
is active
(b) Static Web Page Viewed in Browser
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