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Using Web Page Preview and Saving an Excel Workbook as a Web Page EX 255
To Preview the Web Page
The following steps preview the Web page version of the workbook in a browser.
Click the Web Page Preview
button on the Quick Access
Toolbar to display the Web
page in your browser.
browser is active
COMP: Make sure arrows
are pointing precisely where
the Art MS indicates - they
cannot even be slightly off
Excel creates
Web page in
temporary folder
If necessary, click the Maximize
button on your browser’s title bar
(Figure 7).
What happens when I click the
Web Page Preview button?
Excel starts your browser. The
browser displays a preview of how
the 1st Quarter Sales sheet will
appear as a Web page (Figure 7).
The Web page preview in the
browser is nearly identical to the
display of the worksheet in Excel.
A highlighted browser button
appears on the Windows taskbar
indicating it is active. The Excel
button on the Windows taskbar no longer is highlighted.
Microsoft Excel button
is not highlighted
indicating it is not active
1st Quarter
Sales tab
3-D Pie
Chart tab
1st Quarter Sales sheet
appears as Web page
browser button
is highlighted
indicating it is active
Figure 7
Click the 3-D Pie
Chart tab at the
bottom of the Web
page to display the
3-D Pie chart in the
browser (Figure 8).
Close button
3-D Pie Chart sheet
appears as Web page
After viewing the
Web page preview
of the Stonegate
Plumbing 1st Quarter
Sales workbook, click
the Close button on
the right side of the
browser title bar to
close the browser
and make Excel
active again.
3-D Pie
Chart tab
browser is active
Figure 8
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