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Excel Web Feature Creating Web Pages Using Excel
To Save an Excel Workbook as a Web Page in a Newly Created Folder
Once the preview of the workbook as a Web page is acceptable, you can save the workbook as a Web page so
that others can view it using a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.
Two Web page formats exist in which you can save workbooks. Both formats convert the contents of the
workbook into HTML (HyperText Markup Language), which is a language browsers can interpret. One format is
called Single File Web Page format , which saves all of the components of the Web page in a single fi le with an
.mht extension. This format is useful particularly for e-mailing workbooks in HTML format. The second format,
called Web Page format
saves the Web page in a fi le and some of its components in a folder. This format is useful
if you need access to the components, such as images, that make up the Web page.
Experienced users organize the fi les saved on a storage medium, such as a USB fl ash drive or hard disk, by
creating folders. They then save related fi les in a common folder. Excel allows you to create folders before saving a
fi le using the Save As dialog box. The following steps create a new folder on the USB fl ash drive and save the workbook
as a Web page in the new folder.
With the Stonegate Plumbing
1st Quarter Sales workbook open,
click the Offi ce Button.
Save As dialog box
Click Save As on the Offi ce Button
menu to display the Save As
dialog box (Figure 9).
Figure 9
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