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Port availability, battery life, and durability are
even more important with a Tablet PC than
they are with a notebook computer.
Make sure the Tablet PC you purchase has the ports
required for the applications you plan to run. As with any
mobile computer, battery life is important especially if you
plan to use your Tablet PC for long periods without access
to an electrical outlet. A Tablet PC must be durable because
if you use it the way it was designed to be used, then you
will be handling it much like you handle a pad of paper.
the screen look like real ink on paper. To ensure you get the
maximum benefits from the new ClearType technology,
make sure the LCD display has a resolution of 800
600 in
landscape mode and a 600
800 in portrait mode.
Test the built-in Tablet PC microphone and
Although most application software, including Microsoft
Office, recognizes human speech, it is important that the
Tablet PC’s built-in microphone operates at an acceptable
level. If the microphone is not to your liking, you may want
to purchase a close-talk headset with your Tablet PC.
Increasingly more users are sending information as audio
files, rather than relying solely on text. For this reason, you
also should check the speakers on the Tablet PC to make
sure they meet your standards.
Experiment with different models of the
Tablet PC to find the digital pen that works
best for you.
The key to making use of the Tablet PC is to be comfortable
with its handwriting capabilities and on-screen keyboard. Not
only is the digital pen used to write on the screen (Figure 55),
you also use it to make gestures to complete tasks, in a
manner similar to the way you use a mouse. Figure 56 compares
the standard point-and-click of a mouse with the gestures
made with a digital pen. Other gestures with the digital pen
replicate some of the commonly used keys on a keyboard.
Consider a Tablet PC with a built-in PC video
A PC video camera adds streaming video and still
photography capabilities to your Tablet PC, while still allowing
you to take notes in lectures or meetings.
FIGURE 55 A Tablet
PC lets you handwrite
notes and draw on the
screen using a digital pen.
Review the docking capabilities of the
Tablet PC.
The Tablet Technology in Windows Vista operating system
supports a grab-and-go form of docking, so you can pick
up and take a docked Tablet PC with you, just as you
would pick up a notepad on your way to a meeting (Figure
Mouse Unit
Digital Pen
Wireless access to the
Internet and your
e-mail is essential with a
Tablet PC.
Make sure the Tablet PC
has wireless networking
(Bluetooth, Wi-Fi a/b/g,
WiMAX, etc.), so you can
access the Internet and
your e-mail anytime and
anywhere. Your Tablet PC
also should include
standard network connections, such as dial-up and Ethernet
Tap and hold
Click and drag
FIGURE 56 Standard point-and-click of a mouse compared
with the gestures made with a digital pen.
FIGURE 57 A Tablet PC docked to
create a desktop computer with the
Tablet PC as the monitor.
Check out the comfort level of handwriting in
different positions.
You should be able to handwrite on a Tablet PC with your
hand resting on the screen. You also should be able to
handwrite holding the Tablet PC in one hand, as well as
with it sitting in your lap.
Review available accessories to purchase
with your Tablet PC.
Tablet PC accessories include docking stations, mouse
units, keyboards, security cables, additional memory and
storage, protective handgrips, screen protectors, and
various types of digital pens.
Make sure the LCD display device has a
resolution high enough to take advantage of
Microsoft’s ClearType technologies.
Tablet PCs use a digitizer under a standard 10.4-inch
motion-sensitive LCD display to make the digital ink on
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