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Using Web Page Preview and Saving an Excel Workbook as a Web Page EX 259
File Management Tools in Excel
In the previous set of steps, Excel automatically inserts the new folder name in the
Save in box when you click the OK button in the New Folder dialog box (Figure 11 on
page EX 257). It actually was not necessary to create a new folder earlier in this Web
feature; the Web page could have been saved on the USB fl ash drive in the same manner
fi les were saved on the USB fl ash drive in the previous projects. Creating a new folder,
however, allows you to organize your work.
Finally, once you create a folder, you can right-click it while the Save As dialog
box is active and perform many fi le management tasks directly in Excel (Figure 12). For
example, once the shortcut menu appears, you can rename the selected folder, delete it,
copy it, display its properties, and perform other fi le management functions.
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invoked commands
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Figure 12
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