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Project — Database Creation
JSP Recruiters is a recruiting fi rm that specializes in job placement for health care
professionals. Because the recruiters at JSP have previous experience in the health care
industry, the fi rm is able to provide quality candidates for employment in hospitals, clinics,
medical laboratories, doctors’ offi ces, and other health care facilities.
JSP Recruiters works with clients in need of health care professionals. It assigns
each client to a specifi c recruiter. The recruiter works with the client to determine the
necessary qualifi cations for each job candidate. The recruiter then contacts and does a
preliminary review of the qualifi cations for each candidate before setting up a job
interview between the client and the candidate. If the candidate is hired, the client pays a
percentage of the new employee’s annual salary to the recruiting fi rm, which then distributes
a percentage of that client fee to the recruiter.
To ensure that operations run smoothly, JSP Recruiters organizes data on its clients
and recruiters in a database, managed by Access. In this way, JSP keeps its data current
and accurate while the fi rm’s management can analyze the data for trends and produce a
variety of useful reports.
In Access, a database consists of a collection of tables, each of which contains
information on a specifi c subject. Figure 1–1 shows the database for JSP Recruiters. It consists
of two tables. The Client table (Figure 1–1a) contains information about the clients to
whom JSP provides services. The Recruiter table (Figure 1–1b) contains information
about the recruiters to whom these clients are assigned.
fi elds
clients of
Alyssa Kerry
(a) Client Table
recruiter Alyssa
(b) Recruiter Table
Figure 1–1
AC 3
AC 3
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