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Practice with the touch screen, handwriting
recognition, and built-in keyboard before
deciding on a model.
To enter data into a PDA, smart phone, and some ultra
personal computers and handheld game consoles, you use
a pen-like stylus to handwrite on the screen or a keyboard.
The keyboard either slides out or is mounted on the front
of the device. With handwriting recognition, the device
translates the handwriting into a computerized font.You
also can use the stylus as a pointing device to select items
on the screen and enter data by tapping on an on-screen
keyboard. By practicing data entry before buying a device,
you can learn if one device may be easier for you to use
than another.You also can buy third-party software to
improve a device’s handwriting recognition.
Decide whether you want additional
In general, off-the-shelf Microsoft operating system-based
devices have broader functionality than devices with other
operating systems. For example, voice-recording capability,
e-book players, and media players are standard on most
Windows Mobile devices. If you are leaning towards a Palm
OS device and want these additional functions, you may
need to purchase additional software or expansion modules
to add them later. Determine whether your employer permits
devices with cameras on the premises, and if not, do not
consider devices with cameras. Some handheld game consoles
include the capability to access the Web. High-end handheld
navigation devices may include destination information, such
as information about restaurants and points of interest, an
e-book reader, a media player, and currency converter.
Decide whether you want a color display.
PDAs, ultra personal computers, some handheld
navigation devices, and some handheld game consoles
usually come with a color display that supports as many as
65,536 colors. Smart phones also have the option for color
displays. Having a color display does result in greater on-screen
detail, but it also requires more memory and uses more
power. Resolution also influences the quality of the display.
Determine whether synchronization of data
with other devices or personal computers is
Most devices include a cradle that connects to the USB or
serial port on your computer so you can synchronize data
on your device with your desktop or notebook computer.
Increasingly more devices are Bluetooth and/or wireless
networking enabled, which gives them the capability of
synchronizing wirelessly. Many devices today also have an
infrared port that allows you to synchronize data with any
device that has a similar infrared port, including desktop
and notebook computers or other personal mobile devices.
Compare battery life.
Any mobile device is good only if it has the power
required to run. For example, smart phones with
monochrome screens typically have a much longer battery life
than Pocket PC devices with color screens. The use of
wireless networking will shorten battery time considerably. To
help alleviate this problem, most devices have incorporated
rechargeable batteries that can be recharged by placing the
device in a cradle or connecting it to a charger.
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Seriously consider the importance of
Will you put the device in your pocket, a carrying case, or
wear it on your belt? How does it feel in your hand? Will
you use it indoors or outdoors? Many screens are
unreadable outdoors. Do you need extra ruggedness, such as would
be required in construction, in a plant, or in a warehouse? A
smart phone with a PDA form factor may be larger than a
typical PDA. A smart phone with a phone form factor may
be smaller, but have fewer capabilities.
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Check out the accessories.
Determine which accessories you want for your
personal mobile device. Accessories include carrying cases,
portable mini- and full-sized keyboards, removable storage,
modems, synchronization cradles and cables, car chargers,
wireless communications, global positioning system
modules, digital camera modules, expansion cards, dashboard
mounts, replacement styli, headsets, microphones, and more.
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For an updated list of reviews and information about personal mobile
devices and their Web addresses, visit
Web site reviews and information about personal
mobile devices.
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