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Repeatedly press the DELETE key
to delete the default name of
Type JSP Recruiters in the File
Name text box to replace the
default fi le name of Database1
(your screen may show
Database1.accdb). Do not press
the ENTER key after typing the fi le
name (Figure 1–8).
What characters can I use in a
fi le name?
A fi le name can have a maximum
of 255 characters, including spaces.
The only invalid characters are the
backslash (\), slash (/), colon (:),
asterisk (*), question mark (?),
quotation mark (“), less than symbol
(<), greater than symbol (>), and
vertical bar (|).
Browse for a
location to put
your database
database name
Figure 1–8
Click the ‘Browse for
a location to put your
database’ button to
display the File New
Database dialog box
(Figure 1–9).
Do I have to save to a
USB fl ash drive?
No. You can save to
any device or folder.
A folder is a specifi c
location on a storage
medium. You can save
to the default folder
or a different folder.
You also can create
your own folders,
which is explained
later in this topic.
File New Database
dialog box
My Documents
is default folder
(your default
folder may differ)
Save in box
fi le name for
default fi le type is
Microsoft Offi ce
Access 2007
Figure 1–9
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