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Click the Save in box arrow to
display a list of available drives and
folders (Figure 1–10).
Why is my list of fi les, folders, and
drives arranged and named
differently from those shown in
the fi gure?
Your computer’s confi guration
determines how the list of fi les and
folders is displayed and how drives
are named. You can change the
save location by clicking shortcuts
on the My Places bar.
Save in box
list of available
drives and folders
is displayed in Save
in list
database to be
saved on USB
fl ash drive
My Places bar
allows you to
change save
How do I save the fi le if I am not
using a USB fl ash drive?
Use the same process, but be
certain to select your device in the
Save in list.
Figure 1–10
Click UDISK 2.0 (E:) in the Save in
list to select the USB fl ash drive,
Drive E in this case, as the new save
location (Figure 1–11).
What if my USB fl ash drive has a
different name or letter?
It is very likely that your USB fl ash
drive will have a different name
and drive letter and be connected
to a different port. Verify that the
device in your Save in list is correct.
USB fl ash drive
is new save
no Access databases
currently saved on
USB fl ash drive, so
no fi le names are
OK button
Figure 1–11
Click the OK button to select the
USB fl ash drive as the location for
the database and to return to the
Getting Started with Microsoft
Offi ce Access screen (Figure 1–12).
fi le name
Create button
fi le location
Figure 1–12
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