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Click the Create button to create
the database on the USB fl ash drive
with the fi le name, JSP Recruiters
(Figure 1–13).
name of database
appears in title bar
How do I know that the JSP
Recruiters database is created?
The name of the database appears
in the title bar.
Field List
Close button
for Field List
Figure 1–13
If a Field List appears,
click its Close button
to remove the Field
List from the screen
(Figure 1–14).
title bar
database name
is JSP Recruiters
Maximize button
changed to a Restore
Down button because
window is maximized
Close button
Access work area
with one object
(Table1) open
Access automatically
creates a default
table appears in
Datasheet view (rows
and columns in the
table appear in a grid)
Windows taskbar
displays Access
program button,
indicating Access is
Datasheet View
button is selected
when you fi rst
install Access
Figure 1–14
Other Ways
1. Click Offi ce Button, click
Save, type fi le name,
select drive or folder,
click Save button
2. Press CTRL+S or press
SHIFT + F 12 or press ALT
and then 1, type fi le
name, select drive or
folder, click Save button
The Access Window
The Access window consists of a variety of components to make your work more effi cient
and documents more professional. These include the Navigation pane, Access work area,
Ribbon, Mini toolbar and shortcut menus, Quick Access Toolbar, and Offi ce Button.
Some of these components are common to other Microsoft Offi ce 2007 programs; others
are unique to Access.
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