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In Depth Information
list of recently created
Offi ce documents
appears here
Offi ce
Offi ce Button
pointing to the arrow to
the right of a command
causes a submenu to be
for the Manage and Publish
commands, pointing to the
command or to the arrow
causes a submenu to be
Figure 1–24
Figure 1–23
Key Tips
If you prefer using the keyboard instead of the mouse, you can press the ALT key on
the keyboard to display a Key Tip badge , or keyboard code icon, for certain commands
(Figure 1–25). To select a command using the keyboard, press its displayed code letter, or
Key Tip . When you press a Key Tip, additional Key Tips related to the selected command
may appear. For example, to select the New command on the Offi ce Button menu, press
the ALT key, then press the F key, then press the N key.
To remove the Key Tip badges from the screen, press the ALT key or the ESC key
until all Key Tip badges disappear, or click the mouse anywhere in the Access window.
Key Tip badges appear
when you press ALT key
on keyboard
Figure 1–25
Creating a Table
When you fi rst create your database, Access automatically creates a table for you. You can
immediately begin defi ning the fi elds. If, for whatever reason, you do not have this table
or inadvertently delete it, you can create the table by clicking Create on the Ribbon and
then clicking the Table button on the Create tab. In either case, you are ready to defi ne
the fi elds.
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