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In Depth Information
COM 39
Learn It Online
To complete the Learn It Online exercises, start your
browser, click the address bar, and then enter the Web
address When the Essential
Introduction to Computers Learn It Online page is
displayed, click the link for the exercise you want to complete
and then read the instructions.
Practice Test
A series of multiple choice questions that test your knowledge
of chapter content and key terms.
Who Wants To Be a Computer Genius?
An interactive game that challenges your knowledge of
chapter content in the style of a television quiz show.
Chapter Reinforcement TF, MC, and SA
A series of true/false, multiple choice, and short answer
questions that test your knowledge of the chapter content.
Wheel of Terms
An interactive game that challenges your knowledge of
chapter key terms in the style of the television show Wheel of
Fortune .
Flash Cards
An interactive learning environment where you identify
key terms associated with displayed definitions.
Crossword Puzzle Challenge
A crossword puzzle that challenges your knowledge of key
terms presented in the chapter.
Case Studies
1. Computers are ubiquitous. Watching television, driving a
car, using a charge card, ordering fast food, and the more
obvious activity of typing a term paper on a personal
computer, all involve interaction with computers. Make a list
of every computer you can recall that you encountered
over the past week (be careful not to limit yourself just to
the computers you see). Consider how each computer is
used. How were the tasks the computers performed done
before computers existed? Write a brief report and submit
it to your instructor.
3. People use personal computers for many reasons – for
work, for school, for entertainment, and much more. What
are your main reasons for using a personal computer?
With these in mind, research your ideal personal computer
system using one or more local computer stores or online
computer Web sites. Create a list of the hardware and
software that would be included, the cost of each item, the
total cost for the entire system, and your main reasons for
using this computer system.
4. Today the functional lines between personal mobile
devices seem blurred. Your cell phone has a digital
camera; your PDA has wireless Internet access and plays
digital music; and your game console plays videos. These
are examples of technological convergence, a process in
which separate technologies merge in single products.
Write a brief report on how your favorite personal mobile
device is an example of convergence, listing the various
technologies that it uses.
2. The Internet has had a tremendous impact on business.
For some businesses, that influence has not been positive.
For example, surveys suggest that as a growing number of
people make their own travel plans online, travel agents
are seeing fewer customers. Use the Web and/or printed
media to research businesses that have been affected
negatively by the Internet. What effect has the Internet had?
How can the business compete with the Internet? Write a
brief report and submit it to your instructor.
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