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To Defi ne the Fields in a Table
With the table already created, the next step is to defi ne the fi elds in the table and to assign them data types.
The fi elds in the Client table are Client Number, Client Name, Street, City, State, Postal Code, Amount Paid,
Current Due, and Recruiter Number. The data type for the Amount Paid and Current Due fi elds is Currency. The
data type for all other fi elds is Text. The following steps defi ne the fi elds in the table.
Right-click Add New Field to
display a shortcut menu
(Figure 1–26).
selected table
Add New Field
column heading
Why don’t I delete the ID fi eld fi rst,
before adding other fi elds?
You cannot delete the primary key
in Datasheet view; you only can
delete it in Design view. After
adding the other fi elds, you will move
to Design view, delete the ID fi eld,
and then make the Client Number
the primary key.
table appears in
list of tables
shortcut menu
Rename Column
Why does my shortcut menu look
You right-clicked within the column
instead of right-clicking the column
Figure 1–26
Click Rename Column on the
shortcut menu to display an
insertion point.
data type for Client
Number fi eld is
Text, which is the
correct type
Type Client Number to assign a
name to the new fi eld.
Press the DOWN ARROW key to
complete the addition of the fi eld
(Figure 1–27).
Why doesn’t the whole name
The default column size is not large
enough for Client Number to
appear in its entirety. Later in this
book, you will learn how to resize
columns so that the entire name
can appear.
position to add
next fi eld
Client Number fi eld
added (only a portion of
the name appears due
to space limitations)
insertion point
indicates you could
enter data
Figure 1–27
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