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Right-click Add New Field to display a shortcut menu, click Rename Column on the shortcut
menu to display an insertion point, type Client Name to assign a name to the new fi eld,
and then press the DOWN ARROW key to complete the addition of the fi eld.
Did I have to press the DOWN ARROW key? Couldn’t I have just moved to the next fi eld or
pressed the ENTER key?
You could have pressed the TAB key or the ENTER key to move to the column heading for the
next fi eld. Pressing the DOWN
ARROW key, however, completes
the entry of the Client Number
fi eld and allows you to ensure that
the column is assigned the correct
data type.
data type is
currently Text
Data Type
box arrow
Amount Paid
fi eld selected
Using the same technique add the
fi elds in the Client table up through
and including the Amount Paid
fi eld.
data type
menu of
data types
Click the Data Type box arrow to
display the Data Type box menu
(Figure 1–28).
Figure 1–28
Click Currency to select Currency as
the data type for the Amount Paid
fi eld (Figure 1–29).
data type
changed to
Why does Currency appear twice?
The second Currency is the format,
which indicates how the data will
be displayed. For the Currency data
type, Access automatically sets the
format to Currency, which is usually
what you would want. You could
change it to something else, if
desired, by clicking the arrow and
selecting the desired format.
format automatically
set to Currency
right scroll
Figure 1–29
Click the right scroll
arrow to shift the
fi elds to the left and
display the Add New
Field column
(Figure 1–30).
position to
add next
fi eld
fi elds have been
shifted to the left
Figure 1–30
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