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To Save a Table
The Client table structure now is complete. The fi nal step is to save and close the table within the database.
At this time, you should give the table a name.
The following steps save the table, giving it the name, Client.
Click the Save button
on the Quick Access
Toolbar to save the
structure of the table
(Figure 1–32).
Quick Access
Save button
Save As
dialog box
position to enter
table name
Figure 1–32
Type Client to change the
name to be assigned to the table
(Figure 1–33).
Save As
dialog box
table name
OK button
Figure 1–33
Click the OK button
to save the structure
with the name, Client
(Figure 1–34).
table name
Other Ways
1. Click Offi ce Button,
click Save on the Offi ce
Button menu
2. Right-click tab for table,
click Save on shortcut
3. Press CTRL+S
Design View
Figure 1–34
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